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[Contigo] seamlessly blends English and Spanish lyrics into each other, creating a catchy and distinctive Spanglish song.
— Babbel Magazine
Yaniza’s twinkling, bright vocals against a lush natural backdrop make her video for “Fly Away (Free Bird)” a refreshing musical feat.
— Indie Witches
The bilingual singer gracefully shifts from Spanish to English along to an upbeat melody that will instantly brighten your day.
— Indie Witches
The cheerful tune [Fly Away (Free Bird)] accompanied by Yaniza’s sweet vocals is sure to leave a smile on your face.
— Only The Phresh
[Fly Away (Free Bird)] reminds me of something you would hear on a Disney movie when an adult is teaching a kid to be themselves.
— Elite Muzik
[N.Y.C. is] a catchy but more importantly fun tribute to the City that Never Sleeps.
— Digital High Blog